We’re happy to welcome dogs (but not young puppies) to our apartments!

There are many lovely walks that you can take right from our doorstep, both over St. Boniface Down and along the coast. Both you and your dog will enjoy the scenic views and fresh air around Ventnor. Our dog, Bella (she's in the picture) certainly does!

Out of respect to our other guests, especially those without dogs, we ask for the following rules to be observed.

  • Dogs should be kept on the lead in shared areas of the house and gardens.
  • Please do not let you dog pee or more within the grounds – if they do, please wash it away with some water to prevent the smells and discourage other dogs from following suit!
  • Ventnor Park, just across the road, is perfect to let your dog run about and do their ablutions if needed, and has plenty of bins for poo bags.
  • We do not allow dogs on any beds or other furniture in the apartments or allow them to be left unattended in the flats, as their barking is likely to disturb other guests. Pubs across the Isle of Wight generally allow dogs inside, though you may have to sit on the terraces of some.

Some beaches across the island do not allow dogs in the summer months, though they often have dog friendly areas, and dogs are allowed at the nearby Steephill Cove.

Check here for more information!

If you have any questions about your dog, feel free to give us a call and ask.

Anna and David

[This message has been approved by Bella]